Queen and Prince Philip forced to retake wedding photos after awkward blunder

On November 20, 1947, Princess Elizabeth walked down the aisle at Westminster Abbey to meet her handsome fiancé, Philip Mountbatten, a prince of Greece and Denmark. The couple said their vows in front of the rest of the royal family, politicians and word leaders, before heading out onto the Buckingham Palace balcony to wave to […]


Bears to give DeShone Kizer a tryout

Nick Foles is day-to-day. Mitch Trubisky is week-to-week. Tyler Bray is not the answer. The Bears therefore have a need at the quarterback position. Via Field Yates of, the Bears will give free-agent DeShone Kizer a tryout. Under COVID-19 protocols, Kizer will have to wait several days before showing the Bears what he can […]


Lethal brain infections in mice thwarted by decoy molecule

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have identified a molecule that protects mice from brain infections caused by Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (VEEV), a mosquito-borne virus notorious for causing fast-spreading, deadly outbreaks in Mexico, Central America and northern South America. As the climate changes, the virus is likely to expand its […]


If Janet Yellen becomes Treasury Secretary, she would make history again

While the next U.S. Treasury Secretary may make history as the first female to hold the role, she is a familiar face to the financial markets and welcome by progressives. Former Fed Chair Janet Yellen is emerging as a frontrunner on Biden’s short of list of potential picks which is among the most diversified in […]


YouTube defends choice to leave up videos with false election claims

YouTube is pushing back against claims its platform is helping promote and spread misinformation surrounding the 2020 US election, saying its most popular videos related to the election are from “authoritative” sources. YouTube also claims it takes measures to stop the spread of videos containing false or misleading claims by not surfacing them in search […]


Terminally ill mum’s race against time to find two sons she put up for adoption

A terminally ill mum is desperate to track down two sons she put up for adoption -who likely have no idea they are blood brothers. Ann Gemmell, 72, moved to Ellesmere Port, Merseyside, in the early 70s after leaving her husband John Gemmell. Then a mum of three, Ann left her children Gail, Derek and […]